I Got An URL, It Lives With Me

In 2007 I let my personal website URL lapse and a Russian company snatched it up. Due to my writing gig at Kotaku, the site saw a nice spike of traffic before the domain expired, and I was too busy juggling two jobs at the time to bother renewing. By the time I got around to it, the URL was parked with a Russian registrar with an asking price of $1,000.

And so I waited. Every year around my birthday (the website was originally a birthday present to myself, registered on May 1st) I would check Godaddy or Whois to see if the Russians let it expire. Every year they’d miss the initial renewal date, but pay up in time for the unlocking deadline.

Until this year. $8.88 later, Bunnyspatial.com is mine once more! Hooray! Now to forget about it and let it lapse again.

Until then, maybe I’ll hit up the Internet Wayback and pull some of the fun content from the original site, spruce it up and give it a new home. It couldn’t have all been completely horrible. Could it?